Product Information

Finish color: – Wenge Color
Primary Material: – Engineered Wood
Type: – Three-door Wardrobe with Drawer.
Suitable for: – Bedroom, Living Room.
Size: –  H 74.4 x W 47.3 x D 16.4(all dimensions are in inches)
Weight: – 99.5 Kg

Additional Feature’s

Water resistance: – Yes
Accessories included: – No
Care Instructions: – Zero Maintenance
Key Features: – All-weather Furniture
Seating Capacity: – No Seating Type.
Wheeles included: – No
Bush included: – No
Armrest Included: – No
Maximum load capacity: – 400 Kg
Delivery Condition: – New
Shape: – Rectangle
Country of Origin: – Indian.
Assembly: – Self Assembly (DIY)

Care Instructions

A soft cloth and a solution of water and a mild detergent will help get rid of any persistent spots. Be sure to wipe gently and always wipe dry.

  • Try and use a tablecloth or any thick quality cloth on your dining table or any other table which is subject to daily and heavy use.
  • Do not keep warm or cold items directly on a furniture surface; instead use a hot pad or coasters; please do not keep hot items like a tawa or baking dish even on a hot pad.
  • To protect your furniture from fading, avoid keeping your furniture next to windows and other places where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • To avoid minor scratches which may hamper the finish of your furniture avoid sliding or passing items placed on your tabletop.
  • Avoid placing items like burning candles or irons on any furniture as the heat generated from them may affect the life of your furniture in the long run, make use of candle holders to avoid melting wax touching the furniture.
  • Cleaning your furniture items regularly will help you maintain them for a long time, make sure that you clean your furniture gently with a soft lightly damp cloth; using a rough rag and pressing it hard against the wood might lead to minor scratches.
  • In case of a spill on the furniture, never try to wipe it as it will spread the spill and hamper the polish, instead just blot the spill.
  • To protect your furniture from moisture, avoid placing it in direct contact with damp walls. We recommend wiping the moisture promptly with a dry, soft & lint-free cloth.

Warranty Summary

Warranty: - 6 Months.
Warranty Service Type: - Manufacturing Defects.
Not Covered in Warranty: - Physical Damage by the Buyer.